Jim Howard, Fay Wiseman, Russ & Glenna Bleam, victims of Las Vegas massacre,
Dave Bennett, Sandy Sweeney, Lola Remson Family, victims of hurricane Maria,
victims of earthquake in Mexico, victims of hurricane Harvey & Irma, victims of
forest fires in western US, safe travel to China for Cindi’s son, Dwight Cook, Arthur
Lewis, Jeff Alexander, Rev. Wright & Jeannie, Hazel Parsons, Sharon Hendrickson,
Adrian Grant, Mike Rogers, Marie Albright, Brooklyn & Adilyn Reed, Hannah and
Josh Marlow & Family, Ray Woodruff, Sandy Hite, Rusty Gray, Mary Jackson,
Logan, Sheila & family, Dick Cunningham, Jean White, Emma, Freda Howe, Adrian,
Tiffany & Patrick, Andrea, Anthony Fuller, Roger Parsons, Ruth Craven, Doug Fraim,
Sherry Childs, Florence Baldwin, Chris, Louise Jenkins